Golf Vichy Foret De Montpensier

\\\ "Between the oaks, the undergrowth and the few ponds, as on pars 3 of 3 and 7, the drawing by Thierry Sprecher, which has no less than five pars 5 and five pars 3 , does not leave much room for improvisation. But it offers the advantage of being shaded when in summer the heat hits in the plain, of being sheltered from the wind on most of its holes and especially to be playable all year round where a few neighbors whitewash at the onset of winter. While a deer crosses a fairway in all serenity, a pheasant - and there are many of them - pecks near a green, you might be looking for a ball in a sloping rough like on 4 or 15, but whatever, the main thing, in the Forêt de Montpensier, is to have fun, and why not root. \ \\ "

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Golf Vichy Foret De Montpensier
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