Vuissens represents in more than one way the perfect integration of a golf course in a protected site. In a small valley, from which the visual perspectives are admirable over a large part of the route, the architect Jeremy Pern was able to highlight the particular configuration of the place, its typical vegetation, and, above all, the Petite-Glâne, the river that regularly appears around a hole. Thanks to the creation of the course, this small watercourse, formerly condemned to follow its course in buried pipes, was able to once again occupy a setting that highlights it, in particular thanks to the creation of about twenty small lakes. and biotopes. Alternating magnificent views and technical challenges, the Vuissens course promises a total change of scenery. Accessible to both experienced players looking for a challenge as well as novice amateurs looking for something new, Vuissens offers everything a golfer could want, in the immediate vicinity of major urban sites.

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