Golf du Coiroux

If there are places where golf and nature live in perfect harmony, the tourist and sports park of Coiroux is one of the typical examples. Here, in 1976, the architect Hubert CHESNEAU put all his talent and his knowledge, used all the resources and natural facets of the land to create a course worthy of the most beautiful golf courses in France. This par 70, which will appear to you to be much longer than its 5433m, winds through the heart of a very generous nature, but which will not however easily give you back all your balls. Slopes, counter-slopes, various, forests, water and other bunkers will make you take all your clubs out of the bag, play all the golf shots you know and will force you to combine both technique and tactics to score your best without getting lost too much. . Console yourself, in the spring and in the fall, by looking for your ball in the edges, you may have the chance to bring back a porcini or a handful of chanterelles.

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Golf du Coiroux
Parc Touristique Coiroux
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